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We work together with you to agree a sales strategy to sell. We help you to determine the right price for your property. If necessary, we will prepare your property so that it will be saleable as soon as possible. We will advertise your property using the most effective and attractive methods possible and we will only put forward prospective buyers who are genuinely interested.

Over the years, we have developed a client base to whom we can offer your property and we will arrange viewings for suitable clients. Our goal is to provide you with an expedient, secure purchase agreement and process with a prompt payment. For your benefit, we are partnered with prestigious legal firms, notaries, banks and mortgage providers. Of course we remain at your service once the sale has been completed.

Icon Kennenlernen Engelhardt Immobilien KG sellMeeting you in person
By meeting you in person at the first consultation, we get to know each other. Collaborative and confidential partnership is something we value very highly. Such a partnership provides a solid foundation, which enables us to work together with you for a successful property sale.

Icon Euro Engelhardt Immobilien KG sellProperty valuation
The next step is for our in-house property valuation surveyors to provide a valuation and set a carefully considered price. Our skilled and well-qualified property experts will perform a comprehensive market analysis of the local and current price trends and will determine the optimum price for your property.

Icon Vermarktung Engelhardt Immobilien KG sellGlobal marketing
Since 1971 and in the decades after, our family-run real estate company has established a range of sales channels. The way we advertise and sell your property will be impeccably reputable and transparent. We have enjoyed – and continue to enjoy – very successful partnerships with our strong partners in the real estate sector.

Icon Strategie Engelhardt Immobilien KG sellYour sales strategy
Our estate agents, who have many years of experience, will maintain close contact with you in order to identify potential prospective buyers. In cooperation with you, they will develop a personal sales strategy that is tailored to your property. They will also be available to offer you help and advice in other matters.

Icon Besichtigung Engelhardt Immobilien KG sellViewings at your property
We organise viewing appointments for prospective buyers. We can provide guided viewings independently or if you prefer to be present, we can carry out viewings together.

Icon Reporting Engelhardt Immobilien KG sell Reporting regarding prospective buyers
While your property is being advertised, you will receive up-to-date information about prospective buyers, price proposals, viewings and statistics. It is very important to us that our communications with you are fair and transparent.

Icon Vertragsverhandlung Engelhardt Immobilien KG sellProfessional contract negotiation
Together with our partners, we can provide you with professional support as the purchase contract is drawn up. We offer you support in contract negotiation with prospective buyers, and we will also help you with any questions you might have about selling your property.

Icon Beutreuung Engelhardt Immobilien KG sellComprehensive support
Engelhardt Immobilien KG offers support through every stage of the process of selling your property. Since our business formed in 1971, we have developed a reputation as real estate experts and it is our pleasure to partner with you to achieve success. Give us a call or send us an email – we look forward to hearing from you!